4D v19 R6 is Here

We’re pleased to announce that 4D v19 R6 is now available!

To whet your appetite, here’s an overview of what this feature release has in store for you:

Download 4D v19 R6 (monthly Hot Fixes available)

  • Horizontal and vertical padding for list boxes — so you can improve your UI visual organization, increase readability, and give it a more professional look.
  • Language Server Protocol (LSP) support — so you can use external source code editors to handle 4D code and take advantage of functionalities such as syntax highlighting, syntax help, go to definition, and more. 
  • Developing concurrently on 4D Server in Project Mode — so you can adopt Project Mode without impacting your organization if you still work with binary mode. And take advantage of powerful features such as Classes, Computed attributes, Silicon compilation, CSS forms, and source control systems.
  • Define a “datasource” for the 4D Write Pro tables — so the end-users of your application can design or modify templates that will be filled automatically with data.

Use 4D Write Pro to Create & Print a Batch of Documents

Whatever your business, you must create listings, inventories, tracking sheets, product sheets, invoices, and many other documents. These documents are usually printed or saved in PDF for archiving.

4D Write Pro is the ideal tool to create all your documents. Here is a list of several features available in 4D Write Pro that can help you make beautiful documents for printing:


Using these different features, here are some examples of documents produced.


Microsoft 365: Get user information from Azure

Many companies are using Microsoft 365 (former Office 365). Besides providing access to Office applications, Microsoft provides an Azure-based Active Directory, allowing users to log in to access services such as Microsoft Sharepoint or OneDrive using a Web Browser.

All Microsoft services use the same Single Sign-On, based on the email address. From 4D v19 R6, 4D NetKit allows you to join this concept, allowing users to log in to your application using their usual company credentials.

Besides allowing Single Sign-On, it will enable to retrieve information for the authenticated user such as email, department, and phone number. If permitted by the administrator, you can even retrieve such details on colleagues from the same company.

Let’s see how it works.


Microsoft 365: Send Emails

We know the importance of sending emails, and the fact that it’s a common task in today’s applications. Many people working with Office 365 have asked us for an API to send emails via the Microsoft Graph API. The OAuth 2.0 feature was a prerequisite for connecting to the Microsoft server and for introducing commands to retrieve user information. We are glad to proceed with email management, starting with the send email command.


Support of larger integers than integer32

While Reals are known to be unprecise, they are 100% accurate even for very large numbers, as long as they do not use a decimal point (=integers). 

Numbers up to 53 bit, or more exactly,  [-(2^53)+1, (2^53)-1], that is a range from −9,007,199,254,740,992 to 9,007,199,254,740,992, will be exactly represented.