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Improved performance: up to 8xs faster (no, that’s not a typo)!

Scalability is one of our primary concerns and 4D v17 R5 brings good news in this area, particularly for those with a heavy process load on their 4D Server. You’ll notice significant improved performance speeds when remote clients (one, two, or even hundreds) are connected to your server.

4D’s internal architecture has been enhanced and now processor usage is fully optimizedopens in a new tab) in preemptive mode and simultaneous read/write accesses on the same table. As a result, you could see performance 4 to 8xs faster!

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More commands to run in preemptive processes

A preemptive process is powerful as it allows your application to take full advantage of multi-core computers; consequently, its results in a faster global execution time and more connected users. A 4D process may be preemptive or not according to compilation options and the use of the language, as explained in this post.

In order to benefit from this mode as much as possible we are pleased to announce that more than twenty existing commands have been enhanced and can now be used inside preemptive processes.