4D Write Pro & Text Boxes: docx Import/Export Options

Introduced with 4D v19 R8, text boxes allow you to insert text, tables, images, formulas, and other elements anywhere into your applications. This feature has been improved in v20 to include the ability to export and import these elements from and to docx documents.

In addition, a new export option has been added that is also valid for other document types!

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Export 4D Write Pro documents to SVG format

4D Write Pro documents can be exported into different formats: PDF, Plain text, Microsoft Word, 4D Write Pro, HTML… To this list is now added the SVG format!

SVG is an image format. Thanks to that, you will be able to create previews of any page, integrate them in your interface, visualize them in browsers, on mobile devices, etc.

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4D View Pro .CSV: New import/export format

Delimited files such as “.csv” or “.txt” are commonly used formats for importing or exporting data. Because delimited files can be generated and manipulated easily, more and more data published on the Web is tabular data, usually published as comma-separated values.

A good way to format this data and show it to your customers is to use 4D View Pro.

In 4D v19 R2, using the VP Import document and VP Export document commands that support delimited text file formats such as CSV, you can easily display that data for your clients.

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4D Write Pro interface widget: Import & Export

You asked for a way to import and export different document formats via the 4D Write Pro widget and once again, 4D listened!

In addition to the 4D commands that already allow you to import and export documents in different formats, such as export .docx format with 4D v17 R4 and PDF format with 4D v18 R4. Now, 4D Write Pro can import and export different document formats via the widget from the toolbar and sidebar.


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4D Write Pro – Direct export to PDF!

What if I told you that with 4D v18 R4 you can export 4D Write Pro documents directly to PDF format (on both macOS and Windows), without needing to install any printer drivers or additional software? Now you can … and that’s not all! You’re also able to set several options for both the form and the content. Keep reading to learn more!

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4D View Pro: Manage Printing and PDF export

With the VP PRINT and VP EXPORT DOCUMENT commands, you can now print a document or create a PDF version of it. However, in order to create an appealing document for your customer, you not only need to print a document, but also add headers, footers, define the zoom, define the paper orientation, and so on. With 4D v18, it’s all possible thanks to the VP SET PRINT INFO command that allows you to define these attributes and more in your document!

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Export results of “Find in design” dialog

When you search for all objects in the Design Environment, 4D displays the results in the hierarchical list. From 4D v16 R3, you can export these results in a text file that can be opened using a spreadsheet for example, so that you can easily dispatch some refactoring work or store the results in a document to work on it later.

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Export 4D method code regardless programming language of the 4D product used

The METHOD GET CODE command has been enhanced to export the method code and get the very same result whatever the name of the commands, tables, fields, and regardless of the programming language of the 4D product used…

To do so the tokens of the code elements (4D commands, 4D constants, tables, fields, etc.) are exported with them. These tokens are unique and can be interpreted as the elements they represent by 4D even if their names have been upgraded or if they are written in another language than that of the 4D that executes it.