4D for Mobile Licenses

We got many questions on the 4D Forum on how licenses work using 4D for Mobile, and this is an excellent time to remind you of the process through this blog post that answers the most frequently asked questions.

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4D v19 R8 Beta Starts Today

And here comes the last feature release of 4D v19!

What could be a better way to kick off the year than getting your hands on a potent set of features this release has to offer 😊

Let’s discover what 4D v19 R8 Beta has in store for you:




  • Protect your data from unauthorized users with a robust and fully customizable system by deciding who is accessing the data and which data is accessed.
  • Design gorgeous interfaces with the automatic row height feature that is expanded to list boxes based on collections and entity selections.
  • Build your own chain or integrate 4D into a continuous integration tool thanks to the new Build4D component.
  • Handle errors more effectively with a global error handler — no more error dialog displayed on the server and no more uncaught errors.
  • Receive, copy, move, reply and delete emails with the added commands to the 4D Netkit component.
  • Create more compliant documents with 4D Write Pro floating text boxes.
  • Customize your 4D View Pro tables with over 60 predefined themes, or create one from scratch to suit your needs.
  • And much more awaits you with a feature release that goes all out!

Download 4D v19 R8 now (Exclusive to 4D Partners)

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4D v19 R7 is Here

4D v19 R7 is OUT with features you’ll surely enjoy using!

Here’s an overview of what this feature release has in store for you:

Download 4D v19 R7 (monthly Hot Fixes available)

  • 4D Write Pro got more features. Add report subtotals on each page thanks to the Carry-over rows feature, a new document editing detection feature, and a new display mode, showing formulas as a symbol ⓕ, indicating their presence.
  • Reading or adding one or more lines to an existing document (a log file, for instance) can now be done more efficiently than ever using the new file handles objects.
  • 4D View Pro comes with new commands allowing you to manage your table columns and rows more efficiently. Combining this new feature with data contexts enables you to design more advanced templates to automatically populate business content with the correct information for every situation.
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4D v19 R7 Beta Starts Today

There are the Seven Wonders of the World. The seven dwarfs. Seven colors in the rainbow. Seven notes on a musical scale. And may the seventh release of v19 bring the charm of this number to your 4D application ✨

Let’s discover what 4D v19 R7 Beta has in store for you:




  • Take your documents from good to great with the new 4D Write Pro updates, including a user-friendly display of formulas, document modification detection, and “subtotal” lines.
  • Manipulate data in real-time, and channel the artist within, thanks to the possibility of displaying web pages in your 4D for Mobile apps.
  • Gain time and disk space with the ability to download Local Resources to a shared folder with Windows Remote Desktop Services. 
  • Manage your table columns & rows more efficiently with 4D View Pro’s new set of commands— when combined with data contexts, designing even advanced templates becomes a breeze.
  • And much more awaits you with a feature release that goes all out!

Download 4D v19 R7 now (Exclusive to 4D Partners)

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4D v19 R6 is Here

We’re pleased to announce that 4D v19 R6 is now available!

To whet your appetite, here’s an overview of what this feature release has in store for you:

Download 4D v19 R6 (monthly Hot Fixes available)

  • Horizontal and vertical padding for list boxes — so you can improve your UI visual organization, increase readability, and give it a more professional look.
  • Language Server Protocol (LSP) support — so you can use external source code editors to handle 4D code and take advantage of functionalities such as syntax highlighting, syntax help, go to definition, and more. 
  • Developing concurrently on 4D Server in Project Mode — so you can adopt Project Mode without impacting your organization if you still work with binary mode. And take advantage of powerful features such as Classes, Computed attributes, Silicon compilation, CSS forms, and source control systems.
  • Define a “datasource” for the 4D Write Pro tables — so the end-users of your application can design or modify templates that will be filled automatically with data.
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