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Introducing the Latest Find and Replace Features

The “Find and Replace” feature in the code editor has existed for many years. Developers can easily and efficiently search and replace code, especially when dealing with large codebases. 4D v20 is bringing improvements that are sure to be appreciated by developers who rely on this functionality to streamline their coding workflows:

  • knowing the number of occurrences to replace,
  • knowing the position of the current occurrence,
  • having permanent access to the Next and Previous navigation options,
  • display a palette instead of a modal window to limit the number of clicks.
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New VS Code Editor Features with 4D v20

As usual, a new release, new VS Code extension features for developers who want to view and edit code with this free editor.

4D v20 brings new capabilities to the Visual Studio Code editor through the 4D-Analyzer extension: Say hello to Document Syntax Checking, which will help the developer to type fewer mistakes, Code Folding and Indentation for a better look, and tool4d to allow faster LSP server starting.