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LIST BOXES – Say Goodbye to Alt Key!

The drag and drop action is a standard action in computer interfaces. In the case of list boxes, pressing the “Alt” key is necessary to move several items simultaneously. Or rather “was” because, starting with 4D v19 R7, this is no longer a requirement at all!

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LIST BOXES: More Control. More Beauty!

List boxes are powerful and very customizable form objects. And their power is extended with 4D v19 R6 thanks to two new properties: horizontal and vertical padding (the inner margins or the space between an element’s content and its border). They will give new presentation possibilities to your list boxes, and an even more professional appearance to your interface, 

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List Boxes: Time Columns and Footer Calculation!

List boxes are great, powerful tools to display data in the interface. They can display fields from records, items from arrays, and since recently, entity selections and collections

While the new list boxes using collections or entity selections are more powerful in many ways, they did not allow time display and automatic calculations in their footers, unlike list boxes displaying arrays or records.

From now on, and as long as you use project mode, all types of list boxes can display hours in their columns, but also have the possibility to display calculations on their footers.

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List boxes: Manage clicks in edited cells

As a developer, you’re used to handling events inside form objects. The most common is the on clicked form event which can be used in most objects, including list boxes. In this particular object, clicks can be managed either at the list box level itself or within the column methods.

And starting with 4D v18 R6, the on clicked form event is triggered whether a cell is being edited or not, giving you increased control and improving the interface.

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Type ahead made easy

If you’re interested in the user interface, you may have already used the On before keystroke and On after keystroke events. You’ll certainly be happy to know that the handling of these events has been greatly enhanced with 4D v18 R5. In addition, a new command has been created to determine if there is ongoing input when the On before keystroke event is generated. Let’s find out more!

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Pro list box features are now FREE!

Interested in building list boxes that can automatically adapt the height of each row to its content so that the full text or picture can be displayed? What about using object arrays in columns (this allows entering and displaying various types of values in the rows of a single list box’s column).

These are very cool features, right? Previously, you needed to have a valid 4D View Pro license in order to use them. Well, not anymore!

4D v18 R4 lets you access these features for FREE! No additional licensing is required, they’re now included in the standard product.

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List boxes: Setup movable rows (or not!) by code

List boxes are powerful form objects. They’re easily created and manipulated, and most importantly, they can handle any kind of data. Additionally, they can be fully set up by programming … everything from inserting or deleting rows and columns, to defining or modifying tons of properties using the 4D language. With 4D v18 R4, another important property has been added to the list. Can you guess which one? Hint: read the title again.