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Compatibility settings – Nested Transactions (Part 3)

Welcome to our ongoing series about compatibility settings and “hidden” features for improved performance. In the first post, we looked at the QUERY BY FORMULA command and its impact on an application’s behavior. The second post was about the “Use period and comma as placeholders” compatibility option to avoid running into “the numbers are displayed as >>>>>>>>>” hassle.

In this third installment, we’re going to explore Nested Transactions.

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Compatibility settings – Use period and comma as placeholders (Part 2)

We’ve started a series of blog posts on compatibility settings and the secret options that can drastically help you improve the performance and the behavior of your applications. The first post was about QUERY BY FORMULA.

The second part of the compatibility series is about international usage of your business applications. This could mean selling to other countries – or having coworkers coming from other countries to work for a while, but using their local systems.

If you’ve ever seen or gotten reports like “the numbers are displayed as >>>>>>>>>”, this blog post is for you.

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Compatibility settings – or driving with the parking brake on(Part 1)

In code kitchens, I usually spend some time with the database settings, especially with the Compatibility settings. Often certain settings don’t follow best practices and during discussions with the application developer, I hear “oh, I never changed these” or “I’m not sure about the impact, so better not touch them”.

Since they could drastically impact the performance or behavior of your applications, we’ve begun a series of blog posts to discuss some of these “secret” settings.