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Do you develop with 4D? Would you like to share your experience, opinions, and ideas with a wide audience? Interested in sharing, teaching, or simply helping like-minded developers?

Well, here’s your chance! The 4D Blog is looking for content contributors.

Why contribute to the 4D Blog

Every guest post is treated like it’s one of our own. You’ll have guidance and feedback from our experienced editors. And that’s not all, your post will be promoted across all of our social media channels, the forum, and our email newsletters.

Let’s do this

But before skipping to the bottom to see how to contact us, here’s a quick guide to help you get started:

    • You can share tips on how to use a specific 4D feature, how to connect 4D with external technologies, or techniques you think could be useful. You’re also welcome to share your experience of attending a 4D event (e.g., the 4D Summit or the 4D World Tour). Feel free to write about subjects we haven’t covered yet.
    • It’s okay to use your own company as an example or use case when sharing experiences or lessons, no need for sales or pushy marketing language. The content must offer value to the reader.
    • You can add links to well established and trusted sites in order to increase the credibility of the content and back up your statements.
    • A team of editors is on hand to help edit your articles to suit the blog’s writing and layout styles. If your article contains code snippets or database examples, our product owners/engineers will perform a code review.
    • Including images and screenshots with your articles will make them much more appealing for the readers. A video explaining the feature/tip works too, but try to keep it short.
    • We’ll notify you by email when your post is scheduled. It’ll also be promoted on our social media channels. We highly encourage you to share the post with your audience too.


The post will be published under your name. An authorship box is provided at the bottom of the post that can link to your site and/or your social profile(s).

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Are you ready to join the 4D bloggers? Welcome onboard!

Legal note

By sending your content to 4D for publication on the blog, you agree and recognize that your post can be edited, reproduced, used, communicated and/or exploited by 4D SAS or its subsidiaries, on a purely gracious basis. This authorization is valid for 4D website, communication during 4D events, for the entire world and for a period of 99 years from the publication on the blog. You acknowledge that you are completely covered by yours rights and you will not be entitled to any remuneration for the exploitation of the rights referred to above