Use 4D Write Pro to Create & Print a Batch of Documents

Whatever your business, you must create listings, inventories, tracking sheets, product sheets, invoices, and many other documents. These documents are usually printed or saved in PDF for archiving.

4D Write Pro is the ideal tool to create all your documents. Here is a list of several features available in 4D Write Pro that can help you make beautiful documents for printing:


Using these different features, here are some examples of documents produced.

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4D Write Pro: Dynamically Fill Tables with Entity Selections & Collections

As developers, we often create complex and advanced 4D Write Pro documents. We may generate tables that need to be filled from a data source, and we may not be sure of the exact rows and columns. Manually filling the tables with data every time is a laborious task. We heard you, and here is where data context comes as an invaluable option, opening the world of ORDA and object-oriented development to 4D Write Pro documents.

It is now possible to define a “datasource” for the tables of 4D Write Pro. Whether it is an entity selection or a collection, this “datasource” will automatically feed the rows of these tables.

Let’s delve into the details!

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4D Write Pro – Insertion and deletion of rows and columns

You already know that 4D Write Pro allows you to create tables and append rows to them. With 4D v18, we’ve got more thrilling news! We’re excited to announce that managing the insertion and deletion of rows and columns is not only possible, it’s also very easy. This can be done either by programming, thanks to four new commands, or by using the interface (via the widgets or the contextual menu). Keep reading for more details!

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4D Write Pro and tables- Easily resize columns

4D v16 R4 made your dreams come true with the delivery of a huge feature: tables. Real tables where text automatically wraps to fit the column size and don’t “break” when your data changes! Since then, you’ve been able to create tables with as many rows and columns as desired. Plus, you can define the style of the table, each row, column, or cell, including the width of the columns. Most of these operations were achieved by programming, but what if we told you that with 4D v18, the width of columns can be resized by end users?

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Table pagination in 4D Write Pro

Tables are a great feature in 4D Write Pro since they open a whole new world of possibilities. Their flexibility allows them to hold as many rows and columns as needed, and the cells can contain paragraphs and pictures.

Things just got even better with 4D v17 R2 thanks to a new feature: table pagination! And you don’t have to manage the pagination yourself, it’ll be fully automatic. No more counting rows to check a page’s size or orientation. From now on, the tables are dynamically split when a page or a column break occurs.

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Use table ranges in 4D Write Pro

Since 4D v16 R4, it’s been possible to create tables by programming in your 4D Write Pro documents. Styling the whole table or just certain cells could be done during the creation of the document, but maybe you also want to manage your tables afterwards. Now, it’s easy to manipulate tables in an existing document, to change the border style or color, to change the font size or make it bold, etc.

4D Write Pro programming is highly based on “ranges“. After paragraph ranges and picture ranges, 4D v17 introduces a new type of range: table ranges, returned by a new command: WP Create table range. Styling tables is now simple with this new command and new type of range!

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4D Write Pro supports tables!

Your wish has finally come true, you can now insert and fill tables by programming in your 4D Write Pro documents. We are not talking about bar tabs mimicking tables here, this is all about “real” tables! Tables where the text will automatically wrap to fit into the column size you defined, that will not “break” when your data changes. 

This feature is the first major improvement exceeding the old 4D Write set of functionalities. You will now be able to generate invoices containing tables, fully by programming and style them exactly as you want with a few line of codes! Another scenario is that you can now provide your users with a button in your application UI that will insert a table with a predefined number of lines and rows, a predefined size for each column then you can let the user edit and style the content by itself.