4D Write Pro: Electronic Invoice Generation!

4D V20 R4 introduces an exciting feature in 4D Write Pro—now, it empowers you to generate electronic invoices. But what exactly do we mean by e-invoices?

An electronic invoice (or e-invoice) is generated, transmitted, received, and stored electronically, enabling more efficient and environmentally friendly management of business transactions.

While they offer many advantages, they also come with their own specific constraints, particularly in terms of the complexity of the generation process. However, with 4D Write Pro, we’ve come to realize that managing this complexity is much more manageable than initially perceived!

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4D Write Pro: Export to PDF with Enclosures!

As you already know, since 4D V20 R3, 4D Write Pro can export in PDF/A2 and PDF/A3 (BLOG) formats. Apart from the signature, the main difference between these two formats is that the PDF/A3 format can include attachments. The good news is that thanks to a new export option in 4D Write Pro, it is possible, with 4D V20 R4, to have attachments when exporting!

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4D Write Pro: Assign Names to Formulas

In 4D Write Pro documents, formulas are crucial and contribute significantly to their functionality. Previously, these formulas could be represented as values, expressions, or symbols.

However, to further enhance the user experience and improve readability, an exciting new feature with 4D v20 R3 has been introduced: the ability to assign names to formulas. This latest enhancement allows users to quickly identify and comprehend the purpose of each formula within the document.

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4D Write Pro : PDF/A Format Is Now Available For Export!

The PDF format is now a classic and has been available for exporting 4D Write Pro documents for several versions. The PDF/A format is available optionally while exporting 4D Write pro document to PDF from 4D v20 R3 and will open the door to other possibilities, such as electronic invoicing in the near future. But before that, let’s focus on PDF/A and its differences (positive or negative) from the conventional PDF format.

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4D Write Pro – A Wizard to Create Tables with Data

Over the last few versions of 4D Write Pro, many table-related features have been added. You can easily create tables based on database data using contexts, data sources, and formulas.

This is so easy that many of just want to let your end-users use the feature as it is. But we understand this can sometimes be challenging for users who lack training in formatting data sources or formulas for various table components. To address this, we have developed a solution shipped with 4D v20 R2: the brand-new table wizard.

The wizard is available to end-users; they can take advantage of templates adapted to their use and business provided by the developer. Configuring templates includes:

  • define dataclass and dataclass attributes,
  • translate dataclass, dataclass attributes, and formula names,
  • prepare formulas adapted to the business,
  • design graphic styles.


Continue reading to find out more, and don’t forget to check out the HDI and watch the bonus video that guides you through various possibilities.

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4D Write Pro & Text Boxes: docx Import/Export Options

Introduced with 4D v19 R8, text boxes allow you to insert text, tables, images, formulas, and other elements anywhere into your applications. This feature has been improved in v20 to include the ability to export and import these elements from and to docx documents.

In addition, a new export option has been added that is also valid for other document types!

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Break Rows. A New Addition to 4D Write Pro Tables!

The 4D Write Pro document tables have greatly improved over the last few versions. In fact, we, the 4D team, are so invested in making 4D Write Pro a potent template-based documents generator —that we have already released advances such as headers, datasources, carry-over rows…a few powerful features off the top of my head.

Now, with 4D v20, it’s the turn of break rows to make their entry!

Ladies and gentlemen, drum roll, please! 

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4D Write Pro : Say Welcome to Floating Text Boxes!

4D Write Pro is an essential product for creating business documents. That’s why with every feature release, we give you more features to nail your work, and this time, 4D v19 R8 is bringing floating text boxes to 4D Write Pro.

So if you are required to use text boxes, let’s say, to create company letters in compliance with the company identity, you are free to get started right away.