Product Picture attribute in 4D object

Support of pictures in Objects

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From 4D v16 R4, we have added the support of pictures in object attributes. For example, if you use an object to exchange settings or data between methods, forms or processes, now, you can also pass an icon or a picture in this object. You don’t need anymore to temporarily save the picture on disk.

This new type can be used like any other object attribute type: you can use, get and set pictures in objects. You can also use the controls of the picture theme.


MSC now helps you to find deprecated images

Automatically translated from English

QuickDraw/QuickTime pictures (PICT format) are deprecated since 4D v11 and must be replaced by modern picture formats (such as PNG or JPEG). New 64-bit versions of 4D no longer support PICT images. So the challenge is to find them in your old applications.