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New 4D View Pro Format File: sjs

For those of you working with larger and more complex 4D View Pro files, we understand the performance concerns that arise. To tackle this, we have introduced a new file format called .sjs. The .sjs format is a compressed file with multiple smaller JSON files, following a structure similar to Excel XML. This new format aims to enhance performance and optimize the handling of these files.

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4D View Pro .CSV: New import/export format

Delimited files such as “.csv” or “.txt” are commonly used formats for importing or exporting data. Because delimited files can be generated and manipulated easily, more and more data published on the Web is tabular data, usually published as comma-separated values.

A good way to format this data and show it to your customers is to use 4D View Pro.

In 4D v19 R2, using the VP Import document and VP Export document commands that support delimited text file formats such as CSV, you can easily display that data for your clients.

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4D View Pro: End of document loading

When you use 4D View Pro (especially in offscreen mode) with complex documents, calculating all formulas could take a while and it can be difficult to know when it’s finally finished (and it’s important to wait before you call commands such as export or print).

As a solution, we’ve introduced two new events. One of which is called for every single calculation/formula, which could be used to trigger a timer. If the time expires without another formula being finished, we can assume that the whole document is finished.

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Get and Set cell content in 4D View Pro

The ability to interact with a document via programming is an important part of using 4D View Pro. Now you can fill your documents by programming. You can set data as labels, database fields, or formulas in your document. Of course, if you can set, you can get too! You can also retrieve cell formulas or values entered by your users.