Developing with 4D in a dark environment on macOS

Since 4D v19, you can create applications on macOS that support dark mode, so you can match your users’ taste by giving them the possibility to choose either light or dark style applications.

With 4D v19 R3, we are giving you, as a developer, the choice when developing your application. 4D Developer Edition integrates seamlessly with the light or dark look of macOS to avoid the battle between light and dark mode that has been waging for years!

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Toggle Dark & Light Mode on macOS in one click

As of 4D v19, you have the possibility to create applications that support the Dark and Light mode on macOS. To do this, you have to modify and check many small details: icons, widgets, texts, background colors, etc.

As a result, you need change the appearance of your mac dozens of times per hour. OK, you might be thinking, “What? All it takes is three clicks. Open the preferences panel, click the general icon, then the light or dark control, that’s it!“. But honestly, if you are a developer or a tester, repeating these actions over and over again becomes very tedious. 

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macOS Big Sur and Apple Silicon Compatibility Information

In order to help you anticipate testing and running the new operating system with your 4D applications, we want to clarify the support of the different Apple Big Sur configurations on our 4D product lines (including products already delivered and future releases). Please see macOS Big Sur and Apple silicon compatibility status for each release below:

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Latest news about 4D on Silicon

Since Apple’s first announcement about Silicon, we’ve been keeping you informed through a series of blog posts and this post is no different!

So what’s going on? Well, the first Silicon Macs equipped with the brand new M1 chip are now available on the market. Here are two important pieces of information we need to share with you:

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A brand new 4D compiler for Apple Silicon

In a previous blog post, we introduced you to the new Silicon Macs that Apple is launching at the end of this year, as well as our plans to smoothly transition your 4D applications to them.

These new Macs use a new type of processor: ARM processors from the same family Apple uses in iPhones and iPads. A new processor family means a new instruction set and, for us here at 4D, a new compiler.