Author: Thomas Maul

Thomas Maul

• VP of Strategy, 4D Product Line •

When 4D's German subsidiary was created in 1988, Thomas joined the company as a Technical Director, helping to build the 4D developer community in both Germany and Austria.

After many years supporting customers with technical problems and being increasingly involved in sales and management issues, he was promoted to Managing Director for 4D Germany in 1999.

As a member of the executive board since 2005, he became part of worldwide strategy of the company, leading to his current position as Vice President of Strategy, 4D Product Line, responsible for defining and executing the overall strategy for the 4D product line in relation to the Program, R&D, Sales and Marketing teams.

Compatibility settings – or driving with the parking brake on(Part 1)

Automatically translated from English

In code kitchens, I usually spend some time with the database settings, especially with the Compatibility settings. Often certain settings don’t follow best practices and during discussions with the application developer, I hear “oh, I never changed these” or “I’m not sure about the impact, so better not touch them”.

Since they could drastically impact the performance or behavior of your applications, we’ve begun a series of blog posts to discuss some of these “secret” settings.


Display your dashboard on a big TV screen

Automatically translated from English

Today, big screens are everywhere. At the airport or train station for arrival/departure. In production areas for failure/success or production numbers. In call centers for activity or calls in queue. In stock exchange for a ticker.

Your first thought could be to use a normal computer, macOS or Windows, with a “27” or 30” screen. Expensive, but easy to do. But besides the high price, you need to run a 4D app, launch it, update it, all just to display a picture?


Security and Data Protection

Automatically translated from English

Security is an important and fundamental topic for a database or business solution system. This article proposes an overview of how 4D protects your data. In fact, security is about data protection. And data protection is a huge area. Data needs to be protected for unwanted access, but also for loss.