How to create a generic form with dynamic forms

Imagine that your database contains several tables of types or categories. These tables are very simple, often with only an identifier and a text field. For demonstration purposes, let’s say it’s a shoe management database. To qualify the products, we need to define their type, color, pattern, material, season and so on.

It’s cumbersome to manage each of these tables in a list form and an input form and associated methods. In this case, the use of a generic form is essential to avoid duplication and simplify maintenance.

And that’s where dynamic forms and JSON pointers are come in handy!


How to create a newsletter in 4D Write Pro

4D Write Pro is a powerful text engine, entirely programmable, and fully integrated into 4D and its database. It has an unlimited number of uses. Beyond generating complex documents by programming, or creating letters and quotes as in classic word processors, 4D Write Pro allows you to easily publish your documents on the web.


Find a specific attribute value in a single line of code!

Remember the days when you had to use nested loops and conditional statements to retrieve an object’s attribute? So you ended up with a long and complicated piece of code? Well, those days are over! Thanks to object notation combined with collections and their methods, you’re now able to write code faster, and in a more readable way!

Finding a specific attribute’s value has never been easier. Let’s take a look at a real life scenario and discover how!


Play videos with 4D

We’re in the visual and interactive content era. It’s becoming increasingly more and more prominent. Take a look at digital community statistics and you’ll discover that YouTube is the second most popular social network.

At some point, most web developers want to include videos in their sites and coincidentally, databases frequently contain links to videos (either hosted locally or on the web). This post shows you two ways to include videos in your 4D applications.


Ready-to-use toolbar example for 4D Write Pro

You’d like to use 4D Write Pro, but don’t have the time to create a toolbar from scratch? We’ve created a sample application with a ready-to-use toolbar, including two icon families, so you can choose the toolbar style you prefer (flat design or classic). And on top of that, we also added a complete menu bar! Check it out and reuse it for your own applications!

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