Product 4D News with 4D Write Pro multi column

Create multi-column documents in 4D Write Pro

Sometimes the information you include in your document is best displayed in columns. Not only can columns help improve readability, but some types of documents – newspaper articles, newsletters, flyers, etc. – are often written in column format. The good news is that with 4D v17, you can henceforth create multi-column documents with 4D Write Pro! And beyond document creation, you can also convert your existing 4D Write documents containing multiple columns.

As in the 4D Write plugin, it’s possible to define the number of columns for an entire document. But here’s a good example where 4D Write Pro exceeds 4D Write: you can also set a different number of columns … per section!


How to create a newsletter in 4D Write Pro

4D Write Pro is a powerful text engine, entirely programmable, and fully integrated into 4D and its database. It has an unlimited number of uses. Beyond generating complex documents by programming, or creating letters and quotes as in classic word processors, 4D Write Pro allows you to easily publish your documents on the web.


Images in absolute position in 4D Write Pro

Pictures speak louder than words, or so they say. In fact, according to researchers the brain processes images 60,000 times faster than words. 4D Write Pro is constantly evolving, version after version, to support more and more picture-related features. After in-line pictures and background pictures, 4D v16 R6 gives you the full control over picture insertion at a specific position in a document, in front of or behind text, as well as anchored to the page or specific parts of the document (i.e., header, footer, sections).


4D Write Pro: use leading characters for tabs

No matter what line of work you are in, you may want to know how to use tabs (left, right, center, decimal tab). They are quite useful as, for example, they allow you to structure documents by separating and indenting your information.

In typography and design, details matter. But getting details just right can be quite time-consuming. 4D Write Pro now provides an additional functionality to fine tune your design in an instant: leading characters. You know the repeated dots or other characters in a table of contents … the ones that go from the end of the text in your first column to the beginning of the text in the second column? That’s them!


Ready-to-use toolbar example for 4D Write Pro

You’d like to use 4D Write Pro, but don’t have the time to create a toolbar from scratch? We’ve created a sample application with a ready-to-use toolbar, including two icon families, so you can choose the toolbar style you prefer (flat design or classic). And on top of that, we also added a complete menu bar! Check it out and reuse it for your own applications!


Create a 4D Write Pro brochure in 5 minutes!

Check out our video showing how easy it is to create an elegant brochure with 4D Write Pro, including the painter’s bio (his life, references and so on), as well as a collection of his paintings accompanied by descriptions. Finally, you’ll learn how to easily add a different front and back cover to complete the brochure.

Of course, creating other kinds of brochures, i.e. for real estate agencies, pharmaceutical laboratories, travel agencies, etc… is just as simple. So take a look and start coding now!


4D Write Pro now supports picture expressions

This blog post explores a 4D Write Pro-related functionality which will help you with the creation of complex documents, programmatically. Documents that can be either printed or sent by email.

An expression can now be a Picture! Handling pictures in your 4D Write Pro documents is becoming easier, offering vast possibilities. From now on, any expression returning a picture can be inserted. The most obvious cases are fields and variables, but it goes also for 4D functions and, last but not least, your own methods!


Full size background pictures with 4D Write Pro

There are common user stories where there is a need to have a background image fill the entire printable area, such as paper-folding lines or a watermark. It’s also sometimes required by a company’s graphic charter.

Thanks to a newly added style for background images, it is now possible to create background pictures filling the full page in 4D Write Pro! You can control this attribute, by either the 4D language or standard actions, or even by using the 4D Write Pro widget.