4D View Pro: Workbook options

When you create a document with 4D View Pro, you often need to fine-tune your user experience by hiding the sheet tabs and the scrollbars, or by deactivating the context menu or the drag and drop option… All these features and more are now possible thanks to the VP SET WORKBOOK OPTIONS command from the v19 R4.

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4D View Pro : sheet management

Sometimes, you need to display different tables of information in one document. For better visibility, it’s often necessary to display them in different sheets. In this case, you need to create, rename, hide or remove a sheet, or simply know which sheet the user is currently on.

With 4D v19 R2, you can manage the sheets in your 4D View Pro documents by programming.

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4D View Pro: Enable, Disable, or Force calculations

4D View Pro automatically recalculates the formulas in your worksheet when you change data they depend on (e.g., entries, formulas, names, etc.).

But what if you want to make your UI more interactive and trigger the calculation of formulas whenever you want? 4D v18 R4 makes it possible thanks to three new commands: VP SUSPEND COMPUTING, VP RESUME COMPUTING, and VP RECOMPUTE FORMULAS. These commands let you suspend and resume the calculation of all formulas in your document, or force their recalculation.

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4D View Pro: Manage Rows and Columns

More features continue to be added to 4D View Pro’s ever-growing list of capabilities and this R-release is no exception. 4D v18 R2 includes new commands allowing you to add and remove columns or rows, as well as define their size, visibility, and header labels. This blog post shows you how!

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Customize the style of your 4D View Pro documents

With 4D v17 R6, you can programmatically customize the style of your 4D View Pro documents. There’s three ways to go about it, you can: 1) use the default style commands to define the general style of a sheet, 2) use the stylesheet commands to define frequently used custom styles, and finally 3) use the cell style commands to define the style of specific cells.