Take your imagination to the limit with 4D v17 and 4D Write Pro – Caroline from the 4D Summit 2018

As 4D v17 approaches, it’s worth taking a moment to pause and think of all the possibilities 4D Write Pro has to offer. For those who have extensive 4D Write programming skills and are wondering if 4D Write Pro can compare, this blog post will answer this question and more! We’ll even give you a database example of a complex travel brochure to show you what 4D Write Pro is capable of and how it’s surpassed 4D Write in many areas! And if you’re still hesitant about whether or not to take the plunge, watch this 4D Write Pro video from the 4D Summit 2018 featuring Caroline Briaud, where she presents the capabilities of 4D Write Pro and how far you can go to create complex documents.

4D Write Pro surpasses 4D Write

For those who are not aware, 4D Write Pro is a complete rewrite of the legacy 4D Write plugin. However, its features are not restricted to just include 4D Write’s abilities. Rewriting everything allowed us to add new features that were impossible to add before. As a result, 4D Write Pro surpasses 4D Write in many areas, including:

  • Real tables with flexible cells that don’t break when your data changes; 
  • Multi-column mode which can be handled not only for the whole document but also per section;
  • Bookmarks to allow you to access and reuse specific parts of a document.


In addition, 4D Write Pro has been designed with some automatic mechanisms to easily build user interfaces. The idea was to reduce development time and effort while maximizing productivity. This is where standard actions are advantageous. 4D Write Pro takes advantage of the most modern concepts in 4D. Given the way that objects are now being used, 4D Write Pro has become more flexible and powerful than ever.

4D Write Pro in action

And for those who prefer to jump right in and get their hands dirty rather than reading about all the new possibilities, we’ve got a treat for you: A complex document, entirely generated by programming, with headers and footers, multiple embedded images, multi column pages, and leading characters.

HDI: Travel agency brochure


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