4D v18 R5 Beta Starts Today

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Beta testing for 4D v18 R5 is starting today and we couldn’t be more excited!

From ORDA, the Form editor, 4D for iOS, 4D Write Pro, and 4D View Pro, to advanced programming and deployment related-features. This feature release has it all, including a feature that was the highest and fastest voted feature request ever in our feature request forum:


  • Beautifying your applications has never been easier thanks to the ability to preview the final CSS rendering in the Form editor.
  • Macros are available in the Form editor to help you to get more done in less time! 
  • ORDA is still bringing new features and this feature release is no exception: shareable entity selections are available and more control over function availability is granted.
  • More advanced features are at your disposal, including the ability to name your parameters and results when declaring functions and methods, the ability to debug code running on the server using your client, customized 4D cache for merged 4D server, and 4D clients … just to name a few.
  • 4D for iOS has two new advances available: the data synchronization process has been optimized, giving you up to 25 times faster data sync and deep linking to help improve the user experience.
  • New IMAP commands are available for search, copy, move and delete. More IMAP features are in our pipeline.
  • 4D Write Pro is also packed with new features and 4D View Pro is making writing your code easier with a new command.
  • And much more (see below).

4D v18 R4 is Here

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I’m very happy to announce that 4D v18 R4 is now available!

4D v18 R4 is one of the best feature releases ever delivered, with 20+ new features added to 4D’s ever-growing list.

From the 4D language that keeps getting better, to new capabilities 4D for iOS offers for building enriched apps, to the implementation of 4D Write Pro features you’ve requested. PLUS a whole new set of 4D View Pro commands to give you further control over your documents.

Without further ado, here’s a sneak peek of what’s in store for you:


Welcome to 4D Online Training!

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Want to increase your expertise with the latest 4D technologies? Do it on your level! Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, there’s a 4D Online Training session for you.  With a program covering everything from basic techniques to advanced use, 4D Online Training offers dozens of sessions taught by our 4D experts in French and English!

The catalog of 4D Online Training sessions is continuously expanded with new subjects to discover every month.