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Move to shareable entity selections smoothly

In this blog post, you discovered the power that shareable entity selections can offer. 4D focuses on data sharing because, in the long run, it leads to performance.

But we’re aware that this strategy might not be your current strategy. We’ve followed the discussions on the forum and understood your comments and feelings.

To soften this step and give you more flexibility and tools, we’ve made some enhancements regarding the nature (shareable or non-shareable) of entity selections.

Before continuing, we highly recommend that you read this blog post and this one so you can make sense of the enhancements described below.

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4D View Pro now in 6 languages!

We know how important it is for both you and your customers to have 4D View Pro spreadsheets in your native language. That’s why 4D v18 R5 now provides a set of five supported languages! In addition to English, we’ve added support for French, German, Spanish, Japanese, and Portuguese!

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4D Write Pro: Decimal point or comma for number alignment?

Numbers … big, small, very big, very small …  No matter their size, it’s always better if they’re easy to read. In most countries and languages, separator characters are usually used to separate thousands (or tens of thousands) and there is always a character to distinguish the decimal part from the rest of the number. When it’s time to align these numbers correctly in documents, “decimal tabulators” are used (which are based on the decimal separator character of the numbers).

But what if the documents contain numbers from different countries and the numbers aren’t formatted in the right way? Let’s take a closer look at this!

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Type ahead made easy

If you’re interested in the user interface, you may have already used the On before keystroke and On after keystroke events. You’ll certainly be happy to know that the handling of these events has been greatly enhanced with 4D v18 R5. In addition, a new command has been created to determine if there is ongoing input when the On before keystroke event is generated. Let’s find out more!

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Multiple servers, one shared local resources

There may be times when you might need users to connect to many instances of the same merged server application. When this happens, the merged client application downloads as many local resources as the server connections. But if your server’s Resources folder is huge, this can be quite a drain on time, volume, and network! Fortunately, 4D v18 R5 has a solution for this scenario!