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Optimize your ORDA code with requests logging

Ever need to analyze the traffic of your ORDA requests between a client and the 4D server? Sometimes it may take a while to receive a response from the server, which can make you wonder if it’s due to network traffic or to an unoptimized request you’ve written! Thankfully, 4D v17 R6 makes it possible to determine the likely reason(s) for this latency with the new ORDA methods available on the ds object. They’re not only debugging functions, they also allow you to optimize your ORDA code with a better understanding of the sent requests.

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Easily customize the entry order of your dynamic forms

The power of dynamic forms was introduced with 4D v16 R6, allowing you to build your forms on the fly by building them in an object or loading them from a text file. This is very convenient in a world where forms are frequently changed to meet an application’s needs.

In 4D, the entry order typically follows a z order for both binary and dynamic forms. With 4D v17 R6, you can now define an entry order that’s not necessarily associated with the z order. 

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4D View Pro: Get control over your 4D method settings

4D View Pro is getting more feature-rich with every R-release and 4D v17 R6 is no exception! A new command is available which allows you to specify a 4D method’s parameters, name, type, and a summary. Now your methods can be more informative and descriptive, helping end users to use them correctly.

Do you want to declare a date or time? What about giving a short description to help users understand what the method does? It can now be done with VP SET ALLOWED METHODS command!

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CSS color strings for better readability

Improved and simplified 4D commands just keep coming. Now you can set colors in your form objects using CSS strings instead of numeric values. Previously CSS colors for objects were declared with a 4-byte longint (e.g., 0x00RRGGBB). But if you feel more comfortable writing BLUE instead of its numeric equivalent 255 (0xFF), we’ve got good news … 4D v17 R6 makes it possible!

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Customize the style of your 4D View Pro documents

With 4D v17 R6, you can programmatically customize the style of your 4D View Pro documents. There’s three ways to go about it, you can: 1) use the default style commands to define the general style of a sheet, 2) use the stylesheet commands to define frequently used custom styles, and finally 3) use the cell style commands to define the style of specific cells.

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More sophisticated ORDA queries with formulas

In 4D v17 R6, ORDA queries are becoming increasingly more powerful and concise. This blog post is for those of you who need more sophisticated search criteria than just a simple syntax like “name = Smith‘”. With this R-release, you can use any project method or 4D expression in the query() member method by using formulas.

What better way to explain this feature than with an example? Let’s dig into the details.