4D for iOS: upload pictures from your camera

A few weeks ago, we introduced action parameters so you could better interact with your 4D for iOS apps. They let you add, edit and delete records from your iOS device using edition forms. Well things are becoming even more interesting in 4D v17 R6, because now you can add pictures!

Pictures are now available from the Action section:

User experience is greatly enhanced with images that you can add or replace by selecting a photo from your library or using your camera. The end result is pretty cool, isn’t it?


This feature, as part of the CRUD abilities, opens a new world of possibilities and allows you to create more engaging and advanced iOS apps than ever before!

David Azancot
• 4D for iOS Product Owner •David Azancot joined the 4D Product team as a Product Owner in 2017. He's in charge of writing the user stories and translating them into functional specifications. His role also includes making sure that feature implementations meet customers' needs.David graduated with an MBA in Marketing, Internet and Mobility from the Leonard De Vinci Institute and began his career in 2011 with a mobile start-up company, later acquired by Madvertise (a mobile marketing group). Passionate about mobile interfaces, he was the natural choice to develop interactive mobile ad formats for the group in 2015. In parallel, David has been developing his own iOS and Android applications since 2012.