PDF format for Print Previewing on Windows

PDF format is a viable alternative to XPS for print previewing on Windows, providing users with a more accessible option. Microsoft’s decision to make the XPS Viewer an optional Windows feature has caused issues for many users when deploying applications, resulting in end-users being unable to preview their printings. Although installing the free XPS Viewer is straightforward, some administrators are hesitant to install additional features, particularly on Remote Desktop environments.
Fortunately, 4D v20 now offers the option of using the PDF format for print previewing. Since almost all current Windows versions have either XPS or PDF pre-installed, end-users should no longer encounter issues with print previewing. This new option offers a more flexible and efficient solution that meets the needs of both end-users and administrators.

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4D Write Pro : Say Welcome to Floating Text Boxes!

4D Write Pro is an essential product for creating business documents. That’s why with every feature release, we give you more features to nail your work, and this time, 4D v19 R8 is bringing floating text boxes to 4D Write Pro.

So if you are required to use text boxes, let’s say, to create company letters in compliance with the company identity, you are free to get started right away.

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Use 4D Write Pro to Create & Print a Batch of Documents

Whatever your business, you must create listings, inventories, tracking sheets, product sheets, invoices, and many other documents. These documents are usually printed or saved in PDF for archiving.

4D Write Pro is the ideal tool to create all your documents. Here is a list of several features available in 4D Write Pro that can help you make beautiful documents for printing:


Using these different features, here are some examples of documents produced.

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4D Write Pro interface widget: Import & Export

You asked for a way to import and export different document formats via the 4D Write Pro widget and once again, 4D listened!

In addition to the 4D commands that already allow you to import and export documents in different formats, such as export .docx format with 4D v17 R4 and PDF format with 4D v18 R4. Now, 4D Write Pro can import and export different document formats via the widget from the toolbar and sidebar.


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4D Write Pro – Direct export to PDF!

What if I told you that with 4D v18 R4 you can export 4D Write Pro documents directly to PDF format (on both macOS and Windows), without needing to install any printer drivers or additional software? Now you can … and that’s not all! You’re also able to set several options for both the form and the content. Keep reading to learn more!

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4D View Pro: Manage Printing and PDF export

With the VP PRINT and VP EXPORT DOCUMENT commands, you can now print a document or create a PDF version of it. However, in order to create an appealing document for your customer, you not only need to print a document, but also add headers, footers, define the zoom, define the paper orientation, and so on. With 4D v18, it’s all possible thanks to the VP SET PRINT INFO command that allows you to define these attributes and more in your document!