4D v20 R4 Beta Starts Today

Beta testing for 4D v20 R4 is starting today!

Let’s explore all the exciting features this release has in store for you:




  • Regarding 4D Write Pro,  you’ll now have the ability to export to PDF with attachments and create electronic invoices.
  • When it comes to programming, we’re elevating your coding experience with a Live Code Checker, a new Try(Expression) keyword for improved error handling, and the introduction of custom date and time formats, among other enhancements.
  • And that’s not all — There’s much more waiting for you to explore

Download 4D v20 R4 now (Exclusive to 4D Partners)


4D v20 R3 is Here

Introducing 4D v20 R3 – Available Now!

Here’s a snapshot of what’s new:

Download 4D v20 R3 (monthly Hot Fixes available)

  • 4D Write Pro: Unlock the potential of PDF/A format for eco-friendly business transactions. Enhance document readability with named formulas, simplifying templates.
  • Enhanced Coding Experience: Bid farewell to repetitive code! Declare and initialize variables in a single line. Simplify method declarations with the “…” symbol for flexibility. Explore the efficiency of the new multiSort() function for data manipulation.
  • WebSocket: Customize client headers for better interaction control, transmitting security or application-specific data.
  • 4D View Pro: Enjoy improved performance handling larger 4D View Pro documents with a new blob format, storing compressed files in the database without speed compromise.
  • Visual Studio Code Extension: Easily access informative descriptions by hovering over commands or classes. Click for comprehensive details, enhancing your coding experience in VSCode thanks to the “Show 4D Documentation” feature.

ORDA: Assigning a path to a blob or picture attribute

Non-ORDA database commands allowed you to put images and blobs outside your data file thanks to the SET EXTERNAL DATA PATH command. This command is not adapted for ORDA, so we have decided to add similar functionality in v20 R3: The ability to assign to a blob or picture attribute a path pointing to a file. Let me tell you more about it.


Tips & Tricks for your 4D Apps – December 2023 Edition

by Add Komoncharoensiri, Director of Technical Services at 4D Inc


Here we go with another set of tips and tricks.

The 4D Knowledge Base is a library of information about 4D technology where weekly tech tips and monthly tech notes are actively published. If you missed the last tips on the KB, that’s fine; here is a compilation from the past few weeks.

This blog post covers 12 tips: