Objects Corner: easy sharing & other good news

How many times have you gotten the “Not supported value type in a shared object” error when trying to put an object into a shared object?

What did you do? Write longer code to turn your innocent object into a shared one, perhaps iterating over all of its properties?

How about transferring a shared object from one shared group to another?


An interesting thing about objects: you already know they can be used as a hash map (a key/value system), but what about gettings all the keys or all the values with a single line of code?

Keep reading, because 4D v18 R3 is out and brings good news!


Power of objects and dot notation

With 4D v17 R5, we showed you how easy it is to manipulate an object to retrieve the attributes of a file or folder. Things have gotten even easier thanks to object notation! In this blog post, we’re providing you an HDI with a user interface to manage files and folders. This isn’t new in 4D since you could do it with classic 4D commands, but now you can do it easier and with fewer lines of code!


Write your own methods for objects

A new command is at your disposal allowing you to use formulas in your code. You can now encapsulate them in objects and call them when needed. There’s no more need to write your code as text. Now you can just pass your formula in your command and that’s it! This is a great addition, since your code isn’t text, you can benefit from Syntax highlighting and all the other advanced functionalities of the code editor!


ORDA: work with objects and collections

In this latest addition to the ORDA series, we’ll look at how the new ORDA concepts can interact with existing objects and collections. In fact, it’s possible to turn entities and entity selections into objects and collections, as well as build entities and entity selections from objects and collections. By doing so, you can easily integrate ORDA code within your existing code. You can take full advantage of ORDA without needing to rewrite your code!


Dates inside objects!

Objects are great! Their flexibility, combined with speed and elegance, make them a first choice for most developers. Using dates inside objects is now easier and more intuitive. From now on, dates can be set as datesand not strings inside objects!

Product Picture attribute in 4D object

Support of pictures in Objects

From 4D v16 R4, we have added the support of pictures in object attributes. For example, if you use an object to exchange settings or data between methods, forms or processes, now, you can also pass an icon or a picture in this object. You don’t need anymore to temporarily save the picture on disk.

This new type can be used like any other object attribute type: you can use, get and set pictures in objects. You can also use the controls of the picture theme.