4D 20 R4 is Here

Introducing 4D 20 R4 – Available Now!

Here’s a closer look at what awaits you with this feature release:

Download 4D 20 R4 (monthly Hot Fixes available)

  • Integrated support to create PDF documents with embedded XML data for electronic invoices in 4D Write Pro.
  • Enhance your coding experience with features like the new Try(Expression) keyword, real-time syntax, and class type verification with Code Live Checker. The #DECLARE prototype replaces the ‘Compiler_’ method declaration, and new formatting options for date and time give you a wide range of customization.
  • Create, update, and delete with Data Explorer for debugging, testing, and administration purposes.
  • Build applications seamlessly with the latest Build4D component on GitHub. Create scripts for Client/Server applications from start to finish and integrate them with your preferred continuous integration tools.
  • Say hello to non-blocking printing, enabling simultaneous execution of multiple print jobs for enhanced application responsiveness. 
  • Widen your security options with ECDSA support, which ensures security through SSL/TLS for client-server communication and HTTP requests.

Qodly Studio for 4D: What’s new in 4D 20 R4

Qodly Studio for 4D presents an intuitive solution for crafting web applications with minimal coding effort.

Seamlessly integrated with 4D Server, you can easily leverage existing business logic developed for desktop applications.

Curious about what’s new in Qodly Studio for 4D 20 R4 with the latest 4D release? Keep reading to find out about the cool new features for your web application.


    4D View Pro: What’s New in 4D v20 R4

    With every release, the list of features in 4D View Pro continues to expand. And this feature release is no exception: 4D v20.2 and 4D v20 R4 come with a new version of SpreadJS, the v16.2, and a Ribbon update that is compatible with it.

    Let’s explore the enhanced features introduced in this latest version.