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Understanding what users really need has always been a fundamental product management challenge. At 4D, we take this very seriously which is why we’ve decided to revisit the Feature Request section on our forum. The following is a summary of what has been changed and how you can get the most value from it.

You’ve likely noticed that 4D launched a new forum:

In conjunction with this new forum, the Feature Request section has evolved to include a new voting system. This new system is a great opportunity to add your voice to how 4D evolves. This lets us know exactly what’s important to you and we can take that into account as we work on the 4D roadmap.

Here is how it works:

As a 4D forum member, you automatically have a certain number of votes to apply to your most desired features  – between 2 and 8 depending on your trust level. You can use them to vote for feature requests that already exist or you can create new feature requests and vote for them!

The guidelines are simple:

  • Voting for a feature decreases your available votes.
  • Removing your vote for a feature increases your available votes.
  • You can vote for as many feature requests as your available number of votes.
  • When 4D releases a feature, the corresponding feature request is closed and any votes you had cast for the feature are returned to your supply of available votes.


To get the most out of this voting system, we encourage you to:

  • Avoid duplicate requests by using the search function before requesting a new feature.
  • Promote your favorite feature requests to the 4D community by referring to them and discussing them.
  • Challenge the features requested by others! If you think a feature isn’t very important or has an easy workaround, say so!
  • As often as possible, ensure that all of your votes are always cast for your favorite features.
  • If at any time you change your mind, you can recover one or several votes and use them for other features.


The 4D product team will regularly review the top-voted feature requests and provide you feedback about their possible implementation.

It’s already begun!


Don’t miss out! If there’s something you want to see us working on, you know what to do: make your voice heard and vote!


TIP#1: Want to know how many votes you have?

Locate the blue “Vote” button in a feature request. Hovering the cursor over it will display a tooltip about your remaining votes.



TIP#2: Can’t remember which features you’ve already voted for?

The header in the Feature Request section lets you review the features you voted for.

TIP#3: Want to “unvote” for a feature?

Clicking on the “Voted” button for an already voted feature will display a “Remove vote” option.





• 4D Product Team Leader •

Mathieu joined 4D in 2020 as Product Team Leader. His team is composed of Product Owners, the users voice of 4D. Working hand to hand with engineering team, their role involves prioritizing, scoping and verifying that new features will match 4D users expectations.

Mathieu previously acted as projects director and team manager in various leading industries IT divisions - automotive, safety, advertising, specialized in international contexts and cloud oriented services.