4D v20 R4 Beta Starts Today

Beta testing for 4D v20 R4 is starting today!

Let’s explore all the exciting features this release has in store for you:




  • Regarding 4D Write Pro,  you’ll now have the ability to export to PDF with attachments and create electronic invoices.
  • When it comes to programming, we’re elevating your coding experience with a Live Code Checker, a new Try(Expression) keyword for improved error handling, and the introduction of custom date and time formats, among other enhancements.
  • And that’s not all — There’s much more waiting for you to explore

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Proactive Error Management with Try()

Tackle errors with the new Try(Expression) keyword. This powerful addition efficiently manages errors during code execution, enabling seamless error handling.

Code Live Checker

Experience smoother coding with the Code Live Checker feature. Seamlessly validating syntax and verifying class types, class names, function names, and function parameters, this feature proactively prevents errors during execution.

Streamlined Method Parameter Declarations

Effortlessly streamline parameter declarations using method prototypes with the #DECLARE keyword. Say goodbye to redundant declarations, ensuring code safety with warnings for parameter mismatches while keeping your existing code intact.


Tailored Date and Time Formatting

Tailor date and time display precisely to your requirements. With enhanced functionalities like the String command, OBJECT SET FORMAT command, and intuitive interface, you gain the power to customize date and time formatting effortlessly.


Simplifying Structure sharing

Sharing structure definitions is now a breeze! Embrace the convenience of HTML-formatted structure definitions, eliminating browser restrictions.


Ensure the integrity of record selections

Guarantee the integrity of your data selections through this requested feature. This enhancement maintains consistency in your chosen records, preventing accidental changes and reinforcing trust in your application’s stability.



 4D Write Pro

Export to PDF with attachments

For professionals across diverse fields, archiving documents with attachments is now a seamless process. Embrace the PDF/A3 format, which empowers you to effortlessly embed numerous attachments within a document.


Electronic invoice generation

Effortlessly create electronic invoices with 4D Write Pro. Simplify business transactions while contributing to eco-friendly practices by generating, transmitting, receiving, and storing e-invoices effortlessly.


4D Server

Auto-Generated SSL/TLS Certificates

With 4D v20 R4, the 4D Server now generates temporary SSL/TLS certificates (if no user-provided certificates are found in the Resources folder) for encrypted communications, simplifying deployment and enhancing security with each server restart.



Non-blocking Printing

4D v20 R4 introduces non-blocking printing, enabling simultaneous execution of multiple print jobs for enhanced application responsiveness. The default activation in new projects ensures a seamless experience, but older applications need to enable it in the compatibility options of the structure settings.



4D Netkit

Efficient Email Management with Gmail API

4D v20 R4 is adding a duo of powerful enhancements to the Gmail command set: Retrieve multiple emails simultaneously and efficiently handle email labels.


4D v20 R4 offers seamless Gmail label management with new functions in 4D NetKit, enabling developers to programmatically create, retrieve, update, and delete labels, empowering customized email categorization and management.


 4D View Pro

Enhanced Spreadsheet Capabilities

4D v20 R4 comes with a new version of SpreadJS, the v16.2, and a Ribbon update that is compatible with it.  Explore new features like the Formula Editor Panel and PivotTable Enhancements for improved usability.



Enhanced Security Measures with ECDSA Support

Widen your security options with ECDSA support to ensure security through SSL/TLS for client-server communication and HTTP requests.



Need more technical details? The 4D v20 R4 Beta documentation is available on the 4D Doc Center.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will help us improve our product quality and better serve your needs. We’d love to hear your thoughts about any of the features above. Contribute to our beta forum (accessible for all 4D Partners). And don’t hesitate to tell us about your needs; we take votes very seriously

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