4D v17 R2 is here!

4D v17 R2 is now available! 

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s in store for you:

  • Access to a preview version of 4D for iOS and fire up your first project. 
  • A new 4D Write Pro toolbar designed to provide easy and immediate access to different actions.
  • An enhanced user interface with new options in 4D View Pro.
  • Preemptive SOAP Web Services for faster responses to simultaneous requests.

All of this and more awaits you!

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Check out the Code Editor enhancements

The 4D Code Editor just got more user friendly! Say hello to character completion for quote marks “ ”, parentheses ( ), brackets [ ], and curly braces { }, as well as command blocks (For…End for, If … End if, etc.). But that’s not all, bracket matching has also been added to help you manage your collections, and the syntax for user methods is now displayed in the status bar just like a 4D command syntax!

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New look for file and folder dialogs on Windows

The dialog boxes created by Select folder and the dialog box opened by 4D have now been updated with the latest version of Windows File Explorer. The overall user experience is improved, as you can now easily select your file or folder from different sources such as your computer, network or even your OneDrive account!

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Use methods and database fields in 4D View Pro

With 4D v17 R2, it’s now possible to call 4D project methods and fields from within your formulas. This not only extends the possibilities of your 4D View Pro documents, but as the conversion process is continuously improved, calls to 4D methods and fields in converted 4D View documents are also preserved. 

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Table pagination in 4D Write Pro

Tables are a great feature in 4D Write Pro since they open a whole new world of possibilities. Their flexibility allows them to hold as many rows and columns as needed, and the cells can contain paragraphs and pictures.

Things just got even better with 4D v17 R2 thanks to a new feature: table pagination! And you don’t have to manage the pagination yourself, it’ll be fully automatic. No more counting rows to check a page’s size or orientation. From now on, the tables are dynamically split when a page or a column break occurs.