Create, Update, and Delete with Data Explorer

The Data Explorer is a powerful tool for visualizing data. Its capabilities allow administrators to effortlessly ensure data consistency. At the same time, developers can validate their code for creating, updating, or deleting data – all without the need to craft new forms.

Now, with 4D 20 R4, users have the ability not only to visualize but also to correct their data directly within the interface of the Data Explorer. That’s right! You can add, modify, or delete data directly in the Data Explorer interface.

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4D for Mobile Tutorial – Create actions

Actions allow users to interact with the application to change the customer’s address, add a new contact and modify a picture.

In the 4D language, an action allows you to add, edit, and delete an entity or a selection entity. But also, it can simply execute a method of your 4D server.

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CRUD and more in 4D for iOS

CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete), a pillar of database actions, makes its debut in 4D for iOS in 4D v17 R6.

In 4D v17 R5, we introduced actions so you could better interact with your 4D for iOS apps. This included the ability to create actions to execute 4D code from your iOS apps. Things are getting even more interesting with this R-release, now you can easily manage and edit your app content using parameters.

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Add actions to your 4D for iOS apps

We’re thrilled to announce that support for actions in 4D for iOS is available with 4D v17 R5! This feature allows you to enjoy more interactivity with your mobile app. For example, you can set a task as completed or finished, or flag events to be checked. All with the swipe of a finger, or by simply selecting an action from a menu.