Find a specific attribute value in a single line of code!

Remember the days when you had to use nested loops and conditional statements to retrieve an object’s attribute? So you ended up with a long and complicated piece of code? Well, those days are over! Thanks to object notation combined with collections and their methods, you’re now able to write code faster, and in a more readable way!

Finding a specific attribute’s value has never been easier. Let’s take a look at a real life scenario and discover how!


Convert collections

4D v16 R6 provides advanced capabilities to manipulate collections, thanks to 40+ methods to be used with Object Notation. By using them, you’ll be able to write your code in a more efficient way. New code is great, but we also kept in mind that this new code needs to easily integrate with your existing code. This is why we’ve introduced dedicated commands to convert collections to arrays or strings, and vice-versa.


Insert or remove elements from a collection

Adding and/or removing elements to and from collections are common programming tasks that developers often encounter. 4D v16 R6 provides over 40 collection methods, including methods specifically dedicated to the addition and removal of elements in a collection. With these methods, you can easily create a stack (FIFO) or queue (LIFO), add new elements at any position, and much more…