4D Write Pro – A Wizard to Create Tables with Data

Over the last few versions of 4D Write Pro, many table-related features have been added. You can easily create tables based on database data using contexts, data sources, and formulas.

This is so easy that many of just want to let your end-users use the feature as it is. But we understand this can sometimes be challenging for users who lack training in formatting data sources or formulas for various table components. To address this, we have developed a solution shipped with 4D v20 R2: the brand-new table wizard.

The wizard is available to end-users; they can take advantage of templates adapted to their use and business provided by the developer. Configuring templates includes:

  • define dataclass and dataclass attributes,
  • translate dataclass, dataclass attributes, and formula names,
  • prepare formulas adapted to the business,
  • design graphic styles.


Continue reading to find out more, and don’t forget to check out the HDI and watch the bonus video that guides you through various possibilities.