Masterclass: Run your 4D Application in a Web Browser

In a previous blog post, we unveiled our newest 4D offering — Qodly Studio (currently in developer preview), a powerful solution that targets full-featured complex business applications. And a set of resources to help you get started

The good news is that the 4D Summit 2023 is just around the corner. During this event, a Masterclass will showcase how quickly you can move an existing 4D application on the web using Qodly Studio.

You’ll also get the chance to actively engage, ask questions, and have our team, including Marie-Sophie Landrieu, Laurent Ribardière, Thomas Maul, Mathieu Ferry, and others, address any queries you may have regarding Qodly Studio and beyond!

During the Masterclass, Marie-Sophie will provide live training, showcasing the new product capabilities as she creates a rental car web application from scratch from an existing desktop version.

The following provides just a sneak peek into what’s in store for your learning experience:

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4D Summit 2020 – Digital Experience: All From Your Browser

Although 4D Summit 2020 had to be canceled, it would be a shame to waste all of the content and demonstrations from multiple speakers. This year, 4D Summit has gone digitalFREE and accessible for the entire 4D Community! All you need is an internet connection and a browser to discover new product announcements in technical keynotes and explore 40+ breakout sessions. There’s even a special session by Laurent RibardièrePresident and Founder at 4D SAS, in which he gives an exclusive peek into the future of 4D.

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Make your solutions scalable with preemptive multi-threading – Add K. from 4D Summit 2018

Preemptive processes are powerful since they allow your applications to take full advantage of multi-core computers; consequently, this results in faster global execution time and more connected users. With 4D v17, we went a step further by providing you 1,000+ thread-safe commands!

Watch the Preemptive multi-threading video from the 4D Summit 2018 Keynote. It features Add Komoncharoensiri, Director of Technical Services (4D USA), explaining how the preemptive support in 4D helps you take advantage of your multi-core machines, as well as the new concepts we shipped along the way to help you boost performance and efficiency.

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Enter a new dimension with 4D v17 and ORDA – Thomas Maul & LR from the 4D Summit 2018

Object Relational Data Access, or simply ORDA, is the biggest feature set we’ve ever had … in more than 30 years. And the biggest announcement of the 4D Summit 2018.

Watch the video of the ORDA announcement during the 4D Summit 2018 Keynote. It features Thomas Maul, VP of Product Strategy, introducing this progressive technology and explaining how using your database as an object can open a whole new world of possibilities for your 4D-based applications.

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Take your imagination to the limit with 4D v17 and 4D Write Pro – Caroline from the 4D Summit 2018

As 4D v17 approaches, it’s worth taking a moment to pause and think of all the possibilities 4D Write Pro has to offer. For those who have extensive 4D Write programming skills and are wondering if 4D Write Pro can compare, this blog post will answer this question and more! We’ll even give you a database example of a complex travel brochure to show you what 4D Write Pro is capable of and how it’s surpassed 4D Write in many areas! And if you’re still hesitant about whether or not to take the plunge, watch this 4D Write Pro video from the 4D Summit 2018 featuring Caroline Briaud, where she presents the capabilities of 4D Write Pro and how far you can go to create complex documents.

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SDI mode and list boxes enhancement with 4D v17 – KEISUKE from the 4D Summit 2018

The User Experience is an important step in the design process. However, you don’t often hear about it until something goes wrong! 4D v17 can provide multiple tools to help you design applications that adapt to your users’ needs, starting at the early stages of conception. Thus, delivering an interaction that’s robust and more intuitive. User Experience was a key topic during the 4D Summit 2018. In addition to the List Boxes, another major feature was presented: The SDI mode. The #1 requested feature on Windows.

Watch the UX video from the 4D Summit 2018 featuring Keisuke Miyako where he presented all the advances of list boxes and the newly added SDI mode.