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4D Write Pro: Assign Names to Formulas

In 4D Write Pro documents, formulas are crucial and contribute significantly to their functionality. Previously, these formulas could be represented as values, expressions, or symbols.

However, to further enhance the user experience and improve readability, an exciting new feature with 4D v20 R3 has been introduced: the ability to assign names to formulas. This latest enhancement allows users to quickly identify and comprehend the purpose of each formula within the document.

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4D Write Pro : PDF/A Format Is Now Available For Export!

The PDF format is now a classic and has been available for exporting 4D Write Pro documents for several versions. The PDF/A format is available optionally while exporting 4D Write pro document to PDF from 4D v20 R3 and will open the door to other possibilities, such as electronic invoicing in the near future. But before that, let’s focus on PDF/A and its differences (positive or negative) from the conventional PDF format.