New 4D View Pro form events

As of 4D v18, a new set of 4D View Pro form events are available. They return special information that can be accessed with the new FORM Event command, introduced in this blog post. Say hello to: “On Column Resize”, “On Row Resize”, “On Clicked”, “On Double Clicked”, “On Header Click”, “On Selection Change”, and “On After Edit”. 

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4D View Pro: Manage Printing and PDF export

With the VP PRINT and VP EXPORT DOCUMENT commands, you can now print a document or create a PDF version of it. However, in order to create an appealing document for your customer, you not only need to print a document, but also add headers, footers, define the zoom, define the paper orientation, and so on. With 4D v18, it’s all possible thanks to the VP SET PRINT INFO command that allows you to define these attributes and more in your document!

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4D View Pro: Get control over your 4D method settings

4D View Pro is getting more feature-rich with every R-release and 4D v17 R6 is no exception! A new command is available which allows you to specify a 4D method’s parameters, name, type, and a summary. Now your methods can be more informative and descriptive, helping end users to use them correctly.

Do you want to declare a date or time? What about giving a short description to help users understand what the method does? It can now be done with VP SET ALLOWED METHODS command!

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Customize the style of your 4D View Pro documents

With 4D v17 R6, you can programmatically customize the style of your 4D View Pro documents. There’s three ways to go about it, you can: 1) use the default style commands to define the general style of a sheet, 2) use the stylesheet commands to define frequently used custom styles, and finally 3) use the cell style commands to define the style of specific cells.

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Manage selections and the active cell in 4D View Pro

Typically, 4D View Pro requires that you identify the cell being worked with and where data will be entered (the active cell). You may also need to select some cells and then perform an action, such as formatting or entering values in them. 4D v17 R5 provides a new set of commands to help you manage both the active cell and cell selections. 

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Name your ranges and formulas in 4D View Pro

4D v17 R4 is on the way with a cool new 4D View Pro feature: named ranges and formulas. If you need to use formulas with references to cell(s) or constant(s), this feature can be a great help!

With these new commands, your formulas are more readable and easily accessible with 4D View Pro’s automatic completion.

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Get and Set cell content in 4D View Pro

The ability to interact with a document via programming is an important part of using 4D View Pro. Now you can fill your documents by programming. You can set data as labels, database fields, or formulas in your document. Of course, if you can set, you can get too! You can also retrieve cell formulas or values entered by your users.