4D View Pro: New options for an enhanced user interface

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UI is all about personal preference, and 4D View Pro gives you two new options to enhance yours.

Two properties have been added to the Property List in the new Appearance section. They allow you to tailor your 4D View Pro documents with a new user interface. The first property, User Interface, allows you to switch between two different display modes: Toolbar and None. The second property, Show formula bar, is a checkbox to hide or show the formula bar. 

User Interface

When choosing the Toolbar option for the User Interface property, your documents will include a toolbar with multiple tabs to organize information and quickly switch between different actions. The toolbar will not be displayed when None is selected.  

Show formula bar

To maximize workspace, you can hide the formula bar in 4D View Pro. However, the formula bar is helpful when editing formulas in cells. The Show formula bar property can help you show or hide the formula bar depending on your needs and preferences.


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