4D View Pro: SVG conversion

Do you need to print a 4D form with an embedded 4D View Pro document, or maybe displaying part of the document in a 4D View Pro document? With the VP Convert to picture command, you can create an SVG from a part of the 4D View Pro document and handle it like a picture. We’ll show how in this blog post.

The VP Convert to picture command provides a simple way to convert a document into a picture:

PictViewPro:=VP Convert to picture ($doc)

This enables you to use classic 4D commands to print your documents. For example if you need to print a document using SET PRINTING JOB or SET PRINT OPTION, you can display your picture in an input form object and print it:

If (OK=1)
  SET PRINT OPTION(Orientation option;1)
// more print commands here, such as Print Form or Print Object
    // Document conversion
    PictViewPro:=VP Convert to picture ($doc)
    // Load a form with an input form object bound to the PictViewPro variable
    FORM LOAD("PrintForm_Portrait")
    // Print input form object 
    OBJECT GET BEST SIZE(PictViewPro;$bestwidth;$bestheight)
    $end:=Print object(PictViewPro;0;0;$bestwidth;$bestheight)
// printing other parts of your report
End if 

Find more examples in the HDI below:

HDI Convert To SVG


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