4D for iOS: Energize your apps

4D for iOS already lets you take advantage of your database relations to create dynamic and complex apps.

But many of our 4D for iOS developers have asked for more, and once again 4D listened! 4D v18 R6 includes splendid features for relation interactions.

Let’s delve into the details!


This is the kind of interaction you can get with this new feature in your mobile app to navigate quickly and efficiently, and optimize the user experience … cool, right?


You can now access and publish One to Many relations from your Many to One relation in the Structure section. In short, this means that for the first time in 4D history, you can display Many to Many relations!



In this example, you can now move directly from the Products List forms to the List form that displays products from the same seller by publishing the One to Many relation.

As you can see, it’s now very easy to use One to Many relations in your List forms and directly access related List forms.


In the Forms section, you’re now able to add interaction to a field by dropping a relationship onto it.


Get related record numbers at a glance

To make your life easier, you can display the corresponding record number that you’ll get after clicking on the One to Many relation. Just add %length% to the relation’s Short and/or Long label field in the Labels and Icons section.



Join the discussion on the 4D forum or consult the documentation for more details. See you there!

David Azancot
• 4D for iOS Product Owner •David Azancot joined the 4D Product team as a Product Owner in 2017. He's in charge of writing the user stories and translating them into functional specifications. His role also includes making sure that feature implementations meet customers' needs.David graduated with an MBA in Marketing, Internet and Mobility from the Leonard De Vinci Institute and began his career in 2011 with a mobile start-up company, later acquired by Madvertise (a mobile marketing group). Passionate about mobile interfaces, he was the natural choice to develop interactive mobile ad formats for the group in 2015. In parallel, David has been developing his own iOS and Android applications since 2012.