Ease your developer’s life with list boxes

Our main objective is to make developers’ lives easier, day after day, and list boxes are one 4D’s most used and powerful form objects that serve this purpose. We all know that list boxes trigger many events, that’s why in 4D v18 R2 we’ve enhanced the Form event command to return even more information when list box events are triggered.
Want to let go of your old tricky code for guessing which row, column, or header you clicked or put your mouse on? Let us show you a smoother and smarter way to do it!

Take control of your work area

Want to adapt your application’s interface to your end user’s system preferences? Want to make sure your application’s interface isn’t obscured by the macOS dock or menu, or by the Windows taskbar? In this blog post, we’ll show you how!


4D v18 R2 Beta starts today

We’re pleased to announce the launch of beta testing for 4D v18 R2! So what new features does this R-release have to offer?


  • As part of the ongoing development for project databases, the Form Editor‘s UX has been greatly enhanced to instantly let you know if views are used. Plus, many additional actions have been added to simplify form design.
  • You asked for a way to prevent an application’s interface from being obscured by the macOS dock/menu or the Windows taskbar, and 4D delivers! Now, you have control of your work area.
  • For the first part of feature to receive emails, a new command and several methods are at your disposal to locally download emails and remove them from your email server. 
  • 4D Write Pro? Managing formulas inside your documents and the ability to delete pictures in a snap are the order of the day. 
  • What about your 4D View Pro documents? There’s now a whole set of commands to help you… from adding and removing rows and columns, to defining their size, visibility, and header labels.