Create, Update, and Delete with Data Explorer

The Data Explorer is a powerful tool for visualizing data. Its capabilities allow administrators to effortlessly ensure data consistency. At the same time, developers can validate their code for creating, updating, or deleting data – all without the need to craft new forms.

Now, with 4D 20 R4, users have the ability not only to visualize but also to correct their data directly within the interface of the Data Explorer. That’s right! You can add, modify, or delete data directly in the Data Explorer interface.

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A class for easy handling of your sub-forms

On the forum, several requests, tips, or questions have been asked about displaying a message, an hourglass, or some interface elements in the foreground of a form while blurring out the rest. You can create this type of interface with sub-forms and call forms. The code can get complicated if you’re working with a multi-page form.

To simplify your work, Vincent De Lachaux has prepared a class to simplify the management of sub-forms displayed in a multi-page form. It handles loading the sub-form on the fly, controlling it from a worker, and repositioning it if the main form is resized. You can focus on your dialogues without worrying about the mechanics.