macOS Sonoma Compatibility Information

Apple is about to release macOS Sonoma, and as usual, it is the moment to sum up which 4D release supports which OS version!

Please refer to the table below to gain insights into what you can expect in terms of OS support from our shipped and upcoming 4D versions:

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New 4D View Pro Format File: sjs

For those of you working with larger and more complex 4D View Pro files, we understand the performance concerns that arise. To tackle this, we have introduced a new file format called .sjs. The .sjs format is a compressed file with multiple smaller JSON files, following a structure similar to Excel XML. This new format aims to enhance performance and optimize the handling of these files.

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Masterclass: Run your 4D Application in a Web Browser

In a previous blog post, we unveiled our newest 4D offering — Qodly Studio (currently in developer preview), a powerful solution that targets full-featured complex business applications. And a set of resources to help you get started

The good news is that the 4D Summit 2023 is just around the corner. During this event, a Masterclass will showcase how quickly you can move an existing 4D application on the web using Qodly Studio.

You’ll also get the chance to actively engage, ask questions, and have our team, including Marie-Sophie Landrieu, Laurent Ribardière, Thomas Maul, Mathieu Ferry, and others, address any queries you may have regarding Qodly Studio and beyond!

During the Masterclass, Marie-Sophie will provide live training, showcasing the new product capabilities as she creates a rental car web application from scratch from an existing desktop version.

The following provides just a sneak peek into what’s in store for your learning experience:

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Qodly Studio in Action With These 3 Demos

In those previous blog posts, we announced the availability of Qodly Studio (currently in developer preview) to all our silver partners (and higher). We also gave you the first steps to get started with the tool.

Now it’s the perfect time to dive in and experiment with it by running some concrete demos!

We’ve been offering HDIs (How Do I?) guides for years to help you discover new features. But now, as we venture into this new era of web development, we’ve come up with a new term for these demos: PIQS, short for Play In Qodly Studio.

Even better, we’ll continue providing such demos for current and upcoming Qodly features. This means you’ll have daily guidance on mastering Qodly Studio!

So, let’s roll up our sleeves and start exploring right away!

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Get Started with Qodly Studio

In a previous blog post, we unveiled our newest 4D offering — Qodly Studio (currently in developer preview), a powerful solution that targets full-featured complex business applications. Fully integrated into 4D, it enables your 4D Server to host your application in parallel as a desktop or web application. The best part is that your customers don’t need extra installations or support.

This post delves deeper into why Qodly Studio stands out for 4D developers. We also have some valuable resources to share, like documentation, guides, and video tutorials that will pave your way to mastering Qodly Studio.

Remember to bookmark them for easy reference!

Let’s get started!

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Introducing Qodly Studio

Today, we are excited to announce the availability of Qodly Studio (currently in Developer Preview) to all our Silver Partners (and higher).

Starting is straightforward: open 4D, refresh your 4D Partner licenses, and you’re ready to proceed.

In this blog post, we’ll explain what Qodly Studio is, why it matters, pricing details, and how you can get started.