Introducing Qodly Studio

Today, we are excited to announce the availability of Qodly Studio (currently in Developer Preview) to all our Silver Partners (and higher).

Starting is straightforward: open 4D, refresh your 4D Partner licenses, and you’re ready to proceed.

In this blog post, we’ll explain what Qodly Studio is, why it matters, pricing details, and how you can get started.


While 4D has supported creating websites for many years, Qodly Studio targets full-featured complex business applications.

Qodly Studio is fully integrated into 4D, allowing 4D Server to host your application in parallel as a desktop or web application. No extra installations or support are necessary for your customers. In short, your 4D desktop application can easily be extended to a web application by offering webforms.

Qodly Studio is available now with 4D v20 R2 and requires a silver (or higher) partner license. It will remain accessible in each Feature Release moving forward, accompanied by an array of new features in the upcoming months.

Note: Qodly Studio is only available for 4D Partners using a 4D Partner Developer License (part of the Silver and higher contracts). Qodly Studio is not available for standard licenses. If you already entered your 4D v20 Partner license, just open license dialog and click on “Refresh” button, to enable your installation for Qodly Studio.


Qodly Studio offers comprehensive benefits enabling you to seamlessly create dynamic, efficient business web applications.

Here’s an overview of the features that make Qodly Studio a perfect tool for your next web application:


  1. Effortless Form Design: A drag-and-drop UI for designing web forms. Create visually appealing, highly functional forms without the need for complex coding.

  2. Real-time Previews: Instant previews of web forms. This real-time feedback streamlines the development process, allowing you to make adjustments and refinements on the fly.


  3. Simplified Data Mapping: Seamlessly mapping your 4D data to lists, input-output fields, and web forms without manual coding.


  4. Event Configuration: Configuring UI events and datasource events to trigger navigation, 4D code from your ORDA data classes, or standard datasource actions.


  5. Enhanced Data Presentation: Smart UI components like datatables, select boxes, and matrices enable you to elevate your data presentation.


  6. Boosted Productivity: Qodly Studio has various productivity tools: copying and pasting forms, custom component creation, form templates, sanity checks, inspectors, and more.


  7. Stunning Web Designs: Complete CSS support for crafting stunning web designs that align with your brand.


  8. Granular Permissions: A roles and privileges editor that enables you to set up permissions introduced in 4D v19 R8 within your 4D application.




As a 4D developer, Qodly Studio is included in your Silver Partner contract (or higher).

Curious about the pricing for your customers? All are included in our concurrent user model of 4D Server, covering various usage scenarios – whether a Mac desktop, a Windows desktop, an SQL connection, or a Qodly Studio-based web form – all are covered under the same license model. Contact us for more details


As we stated earlier, getting started is straightforward: refresh your 4D Partner licenses, and you are ready to start.

Check out the documentation for a jump start!

A note about

Qodly Studio is also accessible on, forming a part of 4D’s new SaaS offering.

You might have already noted the recent launch of Qodly (by 4D) earlier this week – a revolutionary Hybrid Low-code solution exclusively tailored for web browser-based business applications.

Explore our documentation to understand the distinctions between Qodly Studio for 4D and Qodly.

In short, 4D Server includes everything you know and now Qodly web forms. Backward compatibility, ability to run ORDA or classic code, plugin support, all you love. Qodly targets new customers with new developments and does not cover backward compatibility, classic code, or desktop users.


In the days ahead, we will release blog posts that will walk you through demonstrations and provide examples to help you familiarize yourself with the product.

Also, mark your calendars for the 4D Summit 2023 in Atlanta (3-4 October) and Paris (17-18 October), and come prepared with your questions, as our team will address all your queries related to Qodly Studio and beyond!

In the meantime, don’t hesitate to participate in the discussions on the 4D forums and ask any questions you may have. For your Qodly-related inquiries, remember to use the tag “qodly-studio” to ensure focused discussions.

• 4D Product Team Leader •Mathieu joined 4D in 2020 as Product Team Leader. His team is composed of Product Owners, the users voice of 4D. Working hand to hand with engineering team, their role involves prioritizing, scoping and verifying that new features will match 4D users expectations.Mathieu previously acted as projects director and team manager in various leading industries IT divisions - automotive, safety, advertising, specialized in international contexts and cloud oriented services.