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In a previous blog post, we unveiled our newest 4D offering — Qodly Studio (currently in developer preview), a powerful solution that targets full-featured complex business applications. Fully integrated into 4D, it enables your 4D Server to host your application in parallel as a desktop or web application. The best part is that your customers don’t need extra installations or support.

This post delves deeper into why Qodly Studio stands out for 4D developers. We also have some valuable resources to share, like documentation, guides, and video tutorials that will pave your way to mastering Qodly Studio.

Remember to bookmark them for easy reference!

Let’s get started!

REMINDER: Unveiling Qodly Studio

As mentioned, Qodly Studio is built-in with 4D, opening doors to build advanced web interfaces that merge with your existing 4D projects. Notably, it supports on-premise deployment, making your development journey even more flexible. The getting started process is a breeze – just refresh your 4D Partner licenses, and you’re all set.

Read this blog post for more details about Qodly Studio.

Qodly Studio for 4D developers

You may have come across Qodly, which is tailored for Saas-based web applications.

However, as a 4D developer, Qodly Studio lets you use the familiar 4D language and leverage your existing business logic. In comparison, Qodly operates using an alternative scripting language called QodlyScript.

And that’s not all; for a more precise comparison, refer to the table below: 

Valuable Resources


Our set of resources includes:

  1. A comprehensive documentation tailored exclusively to Qodly Studio and designed to guide your first steps with Qodly Studio. It shows you how to set up your environment, configure the access, license usage, and more. It’s like having a roadmap to make things easier.
  2. There’s another guide that’s all about the great things Qodly Studio can do, the different features, and how to make the most out of it. You might see some parts that talk about Qodly; you can skip those bits if you’re focused on Qodly Studio. But they could be bonus info for the curious ones. 😊

  Instructional Videos

And guess what? We’ve also got videos that show you how to do different things on the platform. These videos are super clear and easy to follow, so you’ll see how things work, which can be a big help. 

🎬 To give you a preview, here are some of the available videos, with more to come.

It’s worth noting that there may be slight variations in the display and screens when comparing Qodly Studio to Qodly, but rest assured, the underlying concept remains consistent.

    Create a Matrix

   Import data with CSV

   Call a function

   Permissions episode 1

  Permissions episode 2

  Permissions episode 3

  Permissions episode 4

  Permissions episode 5

To conclude

In the coming weeks, we’ll dive into real examples. The best way to learn is by getting your hands dirty, right?

While waiting, feel free to join the discussion on the 4D forums. And if you have questions about Qodly, don’t forget to tag them with “qodly-studio” for focused discussions.

And one more thing, mark your calendars for the 4D Summit 2023 in Atlanta (3-4 October) and Paris (17-18 October), and come prepared with your questions, as our team will address all your queries related to Qodly Studio and beyond!

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