Ready for the 4D World Tour Live 2021?

So far, 2021 has been really exciting for us here at 4D.

This year’s milestones include the release of 4D v19, one of our best LTS yet, the launch of 4D v19 R2 beta, as well as webinars in multiple languages to introduce you to the latest and the greatest, and the list goes on. Now there’s even more exciting news: The 4D World Tour Live 2021 is just around the corner! 

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A live event

Since the current global situation still doesn’t allow us to go on a world tour like the previous years and visit 60+ cities worldwide, going digital allows us to create a world tour that is better than ever before.

This time, instead of having 60 events around the world with only local attendees, we’ll have a series of events with attendees from all around the world, and host the event in multiple languages (English, French, Spanish, German, and Japanese) and across several time zones. Just choose your time slot!

As the training tour spans several weeks and offers several dates, just pick the most convenient time slots for you. Feel free to mix and match European and American time, depending on what better fits your schedule. 

Who should attend?

4D developers, project managers, CTOs, IT professionals, and small business owners are welcome.

We’ve got great features in store to help you improve your development experience and results: ORDA classes, object-oriented approach, powerful backend web features,  and 4D language advances, just to name a few.

Get ready to take your applications to new heights! And keep in mind that our top consultants will be present to respond to your business application challenges.

What’s in the program?

The event is made up of two experiences that are 100% online: the Free Live Session and the exclusive and time-limited 4D World Tour Training. It starts in September with the Free Live Session and continues throughout October to December with six topic-centered training sessions.

So in addition to the Q&A with 4D experts during the session, the training will cover a wide range of topics:

  • Switching to Project mode to make the most of 4D v19’s features
  • 4D Write Pro – Creating complex financial and marketing documents and sending them by email as PDF files
  • 4D View Pro – Gathering and manipulating data to build complex spreadsheets
  • 4D for iOS – Building your first, offline-ready iOS app
  • Web Server – Enabling 4D’s pre-emptive capabilities
  • Adopting a modern client/server development approach using objects, classes, dataclasses, and dataclass extensions

What’s next?

It’s time to build your tailor-made experience! Register and secure your spot, build your training schedule in September, and attend your training sessions from October to December. This new online and live format makes it easy to fit the training sessions into your schedule: each session is independent and covers its own theme.

For over 35 years, we’ve come together as a community to team up and collaborate, and this year, we’ll do so virtually. We’re extremely grateful and we can’t wait to meet you online.

Updates will be flowing through the 4D Blog and the official 4D World Tour Live 2021 website.

And if you have any questions, feel free to join us on the 4D Forums.

See you soon!

• Product Marketing Manager • Intissar joined 4D in 2017 as a Product Marketing Manager. She works closely with the product, marketing, engineering, and technical support teams to highlight the ‘why’, the ‘how’, and the ‘what’ of new and updated features to different audiences. This close proximity allows her to craft messaging frameworks and write in-depth content and code samples for the 4D blog and website. After graduating with an engineer's degree in Computer Science from VINCI university, Intissar worked in several startups as a software engineer. Her hands-on experience includes software specification, design, and development, user training and support, and team management.