UX: Enhanced Scrolling Behavior in Subforms

User forms are all about making things easy for users. But what happens when scrolling becomes a battle between subforms and their contents? You’ve probably experienced this before: you try to scroll through a list box in a subform, but the entire subform moves instead. Or, worse, you try to scroll the subform itself, but the list box stubbornly stays put!

This has been improved with 4D 20 R6, making the action more natural.

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Easy Reference Comparison of Objects & Collections

Objects have become an essential part of the 4D language and of Qodly.

But when you declare a variable of this type, you define a reference. So, how do you know if two objects are, in fact, just one and share the same reference?

Starting with 4D 20 R6, comparing object references is simple: enter the = and # operators!

This blog post explores these operators and how they help determine if objects share the same reference. Let’s find out more!