Product New icons for Form wizard

Fresh icons for Form Wizard

Sometimes little things can have a big impact … and it turns out that these little things we call icons are kind of important when it comes to today’s interfaces. That’s why 4D v16 R5 comes with a fresh set of icons available with the Form Wizard. These simple, flat and modern icons adapt perfectly to the macOS and Windows platforms.


4D Write Pro now supports picture expressions

This blog post explores a 4D Write Pro-related functionality which will help you with the creation of complex documents, programmatically. Documents that can be either printed or sent by email.

An expression can now be a Picture! Handling pictures in your 4D Write Pro documents is becoming easier, offering vast possibilities. From now on, any expression returning a picture can be inserted. The most obvious cases are fields and variables, but it goes also for 4D functions and, last but not least, your own methods!

Product Generate disgest, a new 4D command

Generate digest now supports SHA-2

The digest functions are mathematical functions that compute a digest key for a document. Identical documents have the same digest key; if you change part of the document, the digest key is different. These functions are very useful for checking data integrity when you exchange or compare data. In 4D v16 R5, 4D has enhanced the Generate digest command to support SHA-2 algorithms following security recommendations.


More commands to run in preemptive processes

A preemptive process is powerful as it allows your application to take full advantage of multi-core computers; consequently, its results in a faster global execution time and more connected users. A 4D process may be preemptive or not according to compilation options and the use of the language, as explained in this post.

In order to benefit from this mode as much as possible we are pleased to announce that more than twenty existing commands have been enhanced and can now be used inside preemptive processes.

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