4D View Pro: More options to customize your worksheets

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To create user-friendly documents, you often need to hide a gridline or header, protect certain cells, or simply change the line color to respect the corporate identity. With 4D v18 R3, you can do all this and more with the new VP SET SHEET OPTIONS command.

HDI SheetOptions

Protect a sheet

Protecting a worksheet prevents the cells within it from being edited. By default, all of a 4D View Pro document’s cells are marked as locked. If you want to protect your entire worksheet, you just need to write:

$options:=New object
// Activate protection
// Apply protection on the current sheet
VP SET SHEET OPTIONS ("ViewProArea";$options)

If you want to allow users to edit specific cells, you can protect the worksheet and unlock only the cells the user can edit.

As the previous example demonstrated, setting the isProtected option to True protects the entire worksheet. If you want all of the cells protected except the C5:D10 range, simply mark the range as unlocked:

$options:=New object
// Activate protection
// Apply protection on the current sheet
VP SET SHEET OPTIONS ("ViewProArea";$options)
// mark cells C5:D10 as 'unlocked'
VP SET CELL STYLE (VP Cells ("ViewProArea";2;4;2;6);New object("locked";False))

The protectionOptions property can be used to specify what you allow a user to change, such as resizing, dragging, inserting or deleting rows and columns, and so on.

Want to protect your document but allow users to resize rows and columns? You can write this:

$options:=New object
// Activate protection
$options.protectionOptions:=New object
// Allow user to resize rows
// Allow user to resize columns
// Apply protection on the current sheet
VP SET SHEET OPTIONS ("ViewProArea";$options)

Change the appearance of your worksheet

Change colors

The VP SET SHEET OPTIONS command also lets you customize the colors of your worksheet’s tabs, frozen lines, grid lines, or a selection’s background and border.

$options:=New object
// Customize color of Sheet 1 tab
$options.gridline:=New object("color";"Purple")
// Use rgba() for the transparency. Here : 40% transparency
VP SET SHEET OPTIONS ("ViewProArea";$options;0)
// Customize color of Sheet 2 tab
VP SET SHEET OPTIONS ("ViewProArea";$options;1)
// Customize color of Sheet 3 tab
VP SET SHEET OPTIONS ("ViewProArea";$options;2)

Here’s the result:

Hide elements

VP SET SHEET OPTIONS command even lets you manage the visibility of the worksheet’s grid lines and row and column headers:

$options:=New object
$options.gridline:=New object()
VP SET SHEET OPTIONS ("ViewProArea";$options)

Take a look at the result:

workSheet Area Offset

Because borders are drawn on the outside of cells, you can use the sheetAreaOffset property to make sure that the whole worksheet is rendered:

$options:=New object
$options.sheetAreaOffset:=New object
VP SET SHEET OPTIONS ("ViewProArea";$options)

Find more information on the doc center and don’t forget to try this command with the HDI above. 

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