4D v19 is here

We’re thrilled to announce that 4D v19 is now available. It’s a major release that takes building business applications to new heights.

Tap into the power of Apple Silicon and immediately experience a performance boost thanks to Apple M1’s remarkable capabilities. Discover 4D’s redesigned architecture with Project mode and how it paves the way for the future. Run on-the-go businesses with 4D for iOS and achieve much, much more with the new features for the 4D language, ORDA, 4D Write Pro, and 4D View Pro.

Download 4D v19  

Although it is by no means exhaustive, here’s a list of features we’ve got in store for you:

  • 4D for Apple Silicon: With a brand-new compiler and notable performance enhancements, your customers will surely be happy to give their 4D application a boost right away thanks to Apple M1’s remarkable performance.
  • Object-Oriented programming: Thanks to Project mode, take advantage of object-oriented programming concepts for greater productivity, better code quality, and lesser maintenance costs.
  • 4D for iOS: Be productive anywhere with our mobile solution. Check inventory in the warehouse, generate invoices during client visits, perform inspections onsite, and more with a plethora of features adapted for teams in the field.
  • ORDA: Write business-oriented code to hide complexity, reduce errors, and speed up the development process.
  • The 4D language: Discover how the versatile tools of the 4D language improve your developer experience.
  • 4D Write Pro: Word document import, PDF export, enhanced UI, more commands to manage your documents with code, and plenty of features to produce beautiful documents in record time are now available.
  • 4D View Pro: Benefit from a Localized UI, a new version of SpreadJS, and more than +20 new commands to programmatically handle your documents.
  • And more.


Download 4D v19, and discover how this LTS takes building business applications to new heights!


• Product Marketing Manager • Intissar joined 4D in 2017 as a Product Marketing Manager. She works closely with the product, marketing, engineering, and technical support teams to highlight the ‘why’, the ‘how’, and the ‘what’ of new and updated features to different audiences. This close proximity allows her to craft messaging frameworks and write in-depth content and code samples for the 4D blog and website. After graduating with an engineer's degree in Computer Science from VINCI university, Intissar worked in several startups as a software engineer. Her hands-on experience includes software specification, design, and development, user training and support, and team management.