4D v17 R5 is here

4D v17 R5, one of the most feature-rich R-releases ever delivered, is now available!

Since we can’t list all of the nearly 30 features in a single blog post, here’s an overview of what this thrilling R-release has to offer:

  • A built-in solution to encrypt your customer’s data at the table level! So easy to use and so transparent, that there’s no need to change your code.
  • If you have an existing code or need to access external records via ODBC, reading 4D object fields is now possible.
  • Set tasks with actions, and have your app content up-to-date in a snap with some of the new 4D for iOS features.
  • With links to 4D methods, along with the simplification and flexibility of multiple commands, 4D Write Pro has taken things a step further.
  • A powerful ribbon-based toolbar for 4D View Pro is available for quick access to different commands.
  • ORDA has its share of features, including the possibility to write generic code and optimized performance in client/server mode.
  • There’s no more need for special configuration if you need to run multiple clients connected to the same database on a single computer. Things have gotten a lot easier, just run the clients and it’ll work!

We’ve only scratched the surface of what this R-release has in store for you. See all blog posts for 4D v17 R5!

Download 4D v17 R5 and discover all the advances in this R-release!

Download 4D v17 R5

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