UX: Enhanced Scrolling Behavior in Subforms

User forms are all about making things easy for users. But what happens when scrolling becomes a battle between subforms and their contents? You’ve probably experienced this before: you try to scroll through a list box in a subform, but the entire subform moves instead. Or, worse, you try to scroll the subform itself, but the list box stubbornly stays put!

This has been improved with 4D 20 R6, making the action more natural.

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Tips & Tricks for your 4D Apps – August Edition

by Add Komoncharoensiri, Director of Technical Services at 4D Inc


Here we go with another set of tips and tricks.

As you know, 4D Knowledge Base is a library of information about the 4D technology where weekly tech tips and monthly technotes are actively published. If you missed the last tips on the KB, that’s fine; here is a compilation from the past few weeks.

This blog post covers 16 tips:

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List box typeahead: Intuitive list searching

by guest author Chris Belanger, a 4D developer from Canada

List box typeahead (a method for progressively searching) is not a native feature of list boxes. However, you can easily implement this feature with some creative coding. In this blog post, I’ll demonstrate the technique along with a database example and an exhaustive document explaining the details step by step.

The final result is summarized in the GIF below, It illustrates two “searches”. One for E-L-L-I-O-T, then another (after a column sort) for H-A-N-N-A-H: